Space Clearing Ceremonies

Space clearing has the power to transform the energy of our homes and offices.

Why do some places invoke a feeling of comfort while others feel cold and uninviting? On one level, the difference can be explained by decorating style, the choice of color, placement of furnishings and art. On a deeper level, we are all able to feel energy; when we enter a room, we not only see it, but we feel it. Positive energy creates a sense of comfort and security. Negative energy depletes you, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, irritable or even angry.

Space clearing is a powerful ceremony that realigns stagnant or unhealthy energy in our environment and creates a restoration of harmony, balance and support throughout our living space. When used in combination with a Feng Shui consultation, the two create a space that embraces balance, comfort and a sense of harmony. The results can inspire, empower and enrich the quality of our life experience. Space clearing has the power to transform the energy of our homes and offices. It can help restore, rejuvenate and re-energize our living and working environments.

Space Clearing Ceremonies focus on shifting stagnant, stuck, or “old” Ch’i into more vibrant, flowing and uplifting life force energy.

A typical ceremony will involve four stages, which include preparation, purification, invocation and preservation. Sacred space rituals are found in most traditional and indigenous cultures around the world. Purifying and blessing ceremonies can provide a deep connection to living spaces and can be a celebration of sanctuary, a way to honor an important event and an empowering process to initiate change. In addition, sacred space ceremonies directly enhance the quality of the Ch’i or life force energy in your home or place of business. Call us today at (330) 217-2121 to discuss a space clearing ceremony at your home.