Sacred Space

Land and landscapes speak to all of us, but we have to listen.

Land informs us if we listen. For many years our team has been in communication with the land on many levels. Answers come to us twofold, because we are also able to receive information and direction from invisible realms.

It is clear to us and many others in our world that we can no longer treat land as a commodity, but rather enter into a communion with land based on a mutual understanding of bringing about the highest and best relationship for both land and its inhabitants. This relationship must include a respect for our natural world, and a belief that what is good for the land will be good for everyone.

Creating Sacred Space at Your Home

Above all, our intention is to help create sacred space in our client’s homes and surrounding eco-field, and to share with them ways to see and hear how the earth speaks to them. Our combined 100+ years’ experience working with home interior and exterior design brings with it unique, multi-faceted perspectives.

We look forward to entering a co-creative relationship with you to design spaces that will nurture your family and friends for years to come.  Call us today at (330) 217-2121 to discuss creating a sacred space at your home.