Calen Rayne

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne is a geomancer and energetics consultant from Buxton, Maine. Calen has traveled extensively and spent time in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia studying with great masters of both Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, with Bon and pre-literate Bon masters, with geomancers from both Celtic and Druid traditions, and with alchemists of various indigenous religions, including the first (nameless) religion of the Himalayas, known as “sacred conventions” or “patterns of heaven and earth”.

Calen has completed certification training in Interior Alignment (Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing), Egyptian Bio-geometry, Theory and Practices of the Principles of Sacred Geometry, Divine Proportion and the New Renaissance, Tao of Geometry, and Canon of the Human Body. Calen is also a Certified Master of Himalayan Singing bowls. He is a Veriditas Advanced-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and completed Master Level training in Labyrinth Building with Robert Ferre. He is also completed certification process as a Reiki Master and teacher in four lineages, Usui, Japanese, Tibetan and Soul Wind. Calen also trained in Celtic Reiki and has also completed foundational training in Celtic/Druid sacred geometry and geomancy.

Calen has a private energy work consultation practice based in Buxton, Maine, about about 15 miles west of Portland. Instruments used for his sound/energy work include dowsing rods of various kinds, Himalayan singing bowls, shaman drum, ghanta and dorje, tingshas, bonpo shangs, phurbas and other ritual objects from many world wisdom traditions.



Calen Rayne with Himalayan Singing Bowl