Each one of us brings unique experience and talent to the creation of Sacred Landscapes. We are all passionate about the human’s connection to nature and energy and want you to experience sacred space at your home.

Our Sacred Landscapes collaborators include:

Calen Rayne, Geomancy and Energetics

Jini Rayne, Feng Shui and Space Clearing

Ted Carter, Landscape Design and Archetypes


Calen RayneSacred space sets boundaries and grounds your intention in the flow of life. Where intention goes, energy flows. Every home, garden, or room has a point that resonates with sacred energies of the land surrounding it. Calen Rayne has named this a Genesis Point, and explains that information and energy stream into this point and increases our awareness of the eco-field, and our ability to transform the potential of a space.

Jini RayneFor feng shui master Jini Rayne, having a home and surrounding landscape in right relationship with each other is foundational to both facilitate a balanced life and achieve one’s goals. A primary goal of feng shui is to have one’s physical environment support their life journey. It is important that your home rise up and meet you. Feng shui is about deepening a relationship with your home and surrounding landscape. It is about bringing everything into harmony so that each element of your eco-field is able to support the other.

Ted CarterAt Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes, we take a unified and holistic approach to integrated interior and exterior design that enables us to envision possibilities for re-vitalizing both your home and surrounding eco-field. Our projects begin with an in-depth analysis and understanding of space, scale, energy, and need. In our book Earth Calling, Ellen Gunter and I remind our readers that “reconnecting to the earth also reconnects you to your senses, the nature that is always in you. When you turn your senses to nature, it heightens your awareness of everything.” Our goal is to design a sacred landscape around your home, or a contemplative place within your home, to assist you to take a step back from our fast-paced mobile world and be able to reconnect to that which truly nurtures your spirit.

Together we want you to experience sacred space in your home.